AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance Plan

St. Louis is known for its hot and humid summers. Because of this, your air conditioner is working hard all summer to keep your home comfortable. This makes AC maintenance extremely important. Just like an oil change on your car, your air conditioner needs maintenance to work properly. Avoid the inconvenient breakdowns by having a service tech perform maintenance on your air conditioner. Our highly trained technicians will help keep your AC working reliably and efficiently all summer long.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

 Protects Your Home
- assure proper and safe equipment operation!

 Improve Your Equipment Efficiency
- get the most from your investment! Dirty build up can cause efficiency to decrease without proper maintenance and causing your energy bills to go up.

 Priority Customer
- same day service when you need it! (Maintenance plan customers only)

 Add Years to Equipment Life
- peace of mind!

 Improved Dependability
- comfort available when you want it!

 Discount on Repair Service
- 10% discount on all necessary repairs! (Maintenace plan customers only)

What Planned Maintenance Includes

 Check start and run capacitors

 Clean or replace filters

 Tighten electrical connections

 Measure voltage differences

 Measure amperage draw

 Measure temperature difference

 Clean and adjust refrigerant levels

 Check superheat and subcooling on refrigerant

 Thoroughly clean condenser coil

 Remove debree inside Air Conditioner

 Check for proper blower speed

Maintenance Plan Options Through Goldkamp

1. A one-time cleaning of the air conditioner only.


2. Join our annual maintenance plan. This includes a thorough cleaning of the Air Conditioner and Furnace done on two separate visits. Plan perks include:

  1. a. 10% discounts on any part breakdowns
  2. b. Priority Service all year long

Making sure your furnace is reliable, safe, and efficient is our top priority. We service nearly every type and brand of HVAC equipment made. Call (314) 839-3332 to set up your air conditioner maintenance today.